The Light of Transformation

by Gerald H. Vind, M.A.
Copyright 1997 Gerald H. Vind
[Excerpt from Future History Series 2 volume 6]

Our conscious awareness develops from the fundamental process of our perception of light and sound. The light we observe comes mainly from the radiation of photons from things, and each photon results from an electron releasing a tiny portion of energy called a quantum. There are no fractional quantum units (no fractional photons), yet light has a dual existence as both particle and wave.  Physicist Fred Allen Wolf has popularized this paradox with his observation that the human eye, when adapted to darkness, can detect a single photon.1

Since as either a quantum wave or as a photon particle there is only oneness as a unit of energy, when that photon is detected by the eyes retina, the wave properties that were simultaneously radiated from the source must cease to exist. Somehow, the rest of the radiating quantum wavefront knows instantaneously when one point is detected.  Furthermore, this knowing must take place faster than the speed of light (which is the speed of the radiating wavefront). The crucial factor in the transformation from a propagating wavefront to a photon seems to be the act of conscious detection of this microcosmic event.

Quantum physics has led us to an awareness of a hyperdimensional or multidimensional reality, and yet contemporary science is limited by present definitions of our greatly expanded reality. There is a prevalent epistemology that we can only know the physical reality within our spacetime continuum and that all else is unmeasurable, unknowable, and has no true reality. However, to talk of reality, we must examine it as a psychological map of our own making, in which we create our own individual reality. What purport to be real are our belief structures that operate within a larger set of agreements by which we humans experience our lives together.

Reality is an individual experience of physical things and events, and there is a social fabric of agreement that provides the larger context for our individual experience of reality. Individual belief systems are harmonized in our cultural experience, and most of us do not challenge or deviate from this social fabric of agreement. We learn at an early age that there are penalties for going against the established order or rules; multidimensional journeys to other realities can get one in trouble.  However, enough people in agreement can form their own system, order, or religion.

Quantum physics has developed enough agreement that another paradigm shift is taking place.  Most have earlier moved beyond the view of classical (Newtonian) physics, that of an observed reality, to a contemporary physics view wherein the act of observing (measuring) changes reality. Now, however, we are entering a new era of physics where we are part of the reality we perceive, and we too change, along with what is observed. This new view might be referred to as transformational physics.

There is another paradigm shift that has taken place recently, that has to do with the organization and ordering of forces. The belief that selforganization was the exclusive property of living systems has changed, because selforganizing forces are observable in nonliving things such as ocean currents and weather patterns. The concept of selforganizing systems was popularized some fifteen years ago by Erich Jantsch, in his book, The SelfOrganizing Universe:

Self organization is the dynamic principle underlying the emergence of a rich world of forms manifest in biological, ecological, social, and cultural structures. But self organization does not start with what we call life. It characterizes one of the basic two classes of structures which may be distinguished in physical reality, namely the dissipative structures that are fundamentally different from equilibrium structures. Thus, self organization dynamics become the link between the animate and inanimate. Life no longer appears as a thin superstructure over a lifeless physical reality, but as an inherent principal of the dynamics of the universe.2

Even earlier, in 1963, this distinction between selfordering and dissipative structures (between animate and inanimate) brought Illia Prigogine a Nobel Prize in chemistry: The force of disorder (entropy) causes structures to dissipate and disintegrate, and this disordering force has a coexistent companion force that is observed in all living things: the property or capability of increasing order and complexity. So, we exist in a dynamic tension between order and chaos, between centropy and entropy. Perhaps this is touching on something as fundamental as consciousness and energy.

Different molecular structures each have a characteristic oscillatory (vibrational) rate and, much like a bunch of crickets, molecules are constantly chirping their identity and location. The fundamental nature of life energy is information, and this information is modulated in electrical fields, magnetic fields, and quantum fields that interact in resonant patterns and harmonics that flow throughout (and beyond) the body.  Information is a vital part of the process of self organization.

Rupert Sheldrake calls this morphic resonance and morphogenic fields.3 In other words, our physical body exists within a larger formgenerating body. Dr. J.J. Hurtak sheds some light on this through describing five bodies or vehicles. In my study of these five bodies as described by Dr. Hurtak [and Desiree Hurtak, see book The Five Bodies], first described in The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®.4

I discovered a relationship between physical and quantum level biological processes, between microscopic and macroscopic, that make up our collective energy field. The EpiKinetic Body operates in the level of kinetic vibration (primarily low frequency acoustic energy). The Electromagnetic Body is a dynamic harmonic expression of the electromagnetic spectrum of our bodies as we absorb and radiate photons. These two bodies emerge as collective forms of the fundamental molecularlevel processes of all of our molecules chirping their identity and location. These two energy bodies of sound and light interact biologically with each other through piezoelectric conversions of one form to another. They also operate within a larger reality, a hyperdimensional or subtleenergy body. I relate this to what Dr. Hurtak calls the Eka Body, a Higher Consciousness Body…which is a collection of many plus and minus relativities…, a consciousness vehicle used for time travel while sustaining a direct relationship to the physical vehicle. This third of the five vehicles is a body of consciousness that transcends our spacetime reality.

Recently, in his investigations into the effects of hyperdimensional fields, Glen Rein found that relatively high levels of information can be stored in water.5 His experiments used selfcanceling coils to create scalar or hyperdimensional fields, and he was able to produce certain physical effects in water. He found that the anomalous information storage in water appeared from within the same zeropoint domain as used to explain the socalled freeenergy phenomenon. This scientific work points us toward a higher dimensional reality in which we are able to access free information as well as free energy.

I experience that I am at my fullest potential when these five bodies are nested together like a set of Chinese boxes. That nesting or harmonic resonance is approached from both the top down and the bottom up in other words, from both the large Self and the small self. Our personal misalignment comes when our egodriven (small) self is disconnected from our full spiritual existence. Alignment and harmonic resonance come through meditation and prayer; the trick for us is to develop our relationship with our true creator, and not with some counterfeit spirit. We must learn to reliably distinguish between the sacred and profane.

I experience humanity entering some stimulating times, going through something that is building or increasing our consciousness and spiritual energy. Some have difficulty integrating change into their lives, and they increase the dysfunctional patterns that cause them pain and suffering. This dysfunction has its roots in our disowned responsibility to our life experiences. C.G. Jung referred to this disowned material as ones shadow, and explained how our inability to confront and take responsibility for our own shadow has a way of projecting that disowned negativity into the world around us. This shadow realm is the realm of the counterfeit spirit, where the profane masquerades as the sacred.

The cultural hypnosis that grips us all is beginning to lift for more and more individuals. Truth and responsibility are the pillars supporting the doorway to a positive new millennium. The levels of human awareness and spiritual sensitivity are increasing, and this allows us to see through the lies and deception that are pandemic. Now is the time in which we must work on revealing the truth within and around us. It is time to recognize that we are all destined to return to the Light, and that we are all in the process of becoming beings of Light, being transformed in the Light, where we are destined to serve a higher sacred purpose.


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