Extraterrestrial and Ultraterrestrial Realities Our Role on Schoolhouse Earth

The first questions everybody asks are: What do alien races look like? How many races are there? In order to address these important questions we must provide an overall picture of the various extraterrestrials and ultraterrestrials. A wide variety of extraterrestrials have certainly been reported by various witnesses around the world. Credo Mutwa, a Zulu shaman, speaks of the Mhondoruka, which have been cited in Zulu legends and are still appearing today. This is only one of various categories of intelligence reported. The question we must be concerned with is: Do all aliens have the same intention? Since they are all superior to us in one way or another, should we follow their leadership blindly? If we analyze reports from contactees, we find everything from the most profound “religious type” of experience to the feeling of rage, medical/sexual violation and intimidation. From reports of sightings, we also find the killing of animals and removal of blood and organs–hardly what we should accept as intelligent actions from advanced civilizations.

Since ancient times, we have records telling us that those in space have both good and bad intentions just like humanity on earth. We at The Academy believe that some may be in keeping with the divine intentions, but nevertheless, they are still not God. Although they may treat us with respect and provide important gifts and information, we must utilize our own constant discernment and test their information, and under no circumstances submit ourselves without question to their control.

Let us analyze the total picture: We have ET intelligences who are similar to earth-kind, only they are space-kind and are a few technological evolutions ahead of us. These can be helpful or they may be tricksters. Finally we have what could be called Ultraterrestrial intelligences which originate not only from completely outside our galactic system, but our three-dimensional universe. However, these intelligences, as we are told as in the ancient book of I Enoch, can also be positive and negative for the human race. For the most part, it appears that humanity has been under a system of quarantine, that is, we have been protected from encountering many of these various entities, but times are changing and so now we are going to have to catch up quickly on our cosmic cosmology lessons for planet earth.