New Evidence for the Multiverse

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The idea that there are multiple universes other than our own known physical universe has been popularized and culturally rooted for years throughout the media of science-fiction, fantasy, and film, but now scientists are starting to agree. This scientific acceptance that we are part of a “multiverse” began with inflationary cosmology models which have evolved in theoretical physics out of those first proposed in 1980 by Alan Guth to explain the relatively homogeneous, flat structure of our local universe generated by our presumed Standard Model (Big Bang) origin. In this line of thinking, the early physical universe burst from its pinpoint-origin and rapidly, exponentially expanded outward at unimaginably high temperatures, then cooled, but subsequently re-heated enough to ignite the stars, and to then inflate—forever, thus the naming of this school of thought “Eternal Inflation”.

The idea of an inflationary universe is widely accepted in modern physics, particularly since its expansion by the work of Andrei Linde (1982). Linde put forth the idea of inflation taking place through a scalar field which amplifyied the original energies of the Big Bang outward or down “a potential energy field”, something like an avalanche on a grand scale.  In Linde’s model (“new inflation”), the bubbles which formed as the early universe cooled were separated by inflation, and are forever speeding apart.

Since it is thought by many in physics that each “bubble” could have contained its own nascent universe, it has long been held by String Theory theorists such as Dr. Michio Kaku, that the universe ought more properly to be called the Multiverse.  Until now, these ideas have remained a mathematical abstraction, however, because humanity has lacked the tools to search for any physical evidence to determine whether such universe-bearing bubbles did indeed separate from ours—because every physical event leaves a signature, or scar as it were—there should be leftover telltale marks at the outer edges of our universe (where the light is the oldest) from which the sequence of inflationary action could be determined.

Whether we need to use optical telescopes of a greater sophistication than the Hubble, or instruments to search out, map and measure the background radiation left over from the great origin event—until now there was simply no tangible proof. With a new generation of instruments that have been sent out beyond Earth’s atmosphere in recent years, such as the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (which is designed to map the background radiation in our universe), Dr. Hiranya Peiris and her team of cosmologists at University College London have now announced that the data from this probe is pointing to four areas exhibiting the characteristic disc-shaped signature (what might be called “scars”) indicating a region these other “bubble” universes may have been thrown apart from ours.

More data is, of course, needed to firmly corroborate that these areas are evidence of other “bubble universes”, but it is hoped that such evidence may be coming soon from the Planck Telescope, another new-generation background-radiation measuring device.  In the meantime, the announcement of the data from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) which has been returning data to scientists for seven years now, is a very exciting development in cosmology.  (Read about the announcement here

By far the majority of mainstream physicists today accept one or another of the inflationary models proposed over the last thirty years, with criticism and dissent present in the field as well, but not all agree with the speculative theorizing about other universes that is implied by the math.  All do, however, generally accept that all of the observable universe originated in a small, causally connected region;  those thinkers who are theorizing a multiverse are nevertheless constrained by the dialectic of the material, wherein any other potential universes were more or less mechanically spawned out of the origin event (Big Bang), and are moving away from us so far, so fast, that there is, not nor cannot be, any information flow coming from those universes to ours.

However, alternatives exist, as we find in The Book of Knowledge:  The Keys of Enoch® by Dr. J.J. Hurtak, PhD., PhD. which uses the term “universes” throughout the book.  What if our local physical universe, rather than merely having “spawned” (with all the impersonal coldness that word implies) a number of other physical universes that simply move apart forever, had itself been brought into being through a similar “bubble” out of a parent universe?  And what if there were actually an ongoing information flow from that parent universe into ours?

The Keys tell us that there are regions of interface between our universe (indeed, our Earth as well) and a much vaster matrix:  what the mechanistic scientists refer to as an inflationary “bubble” is more accurately a probable spin off from a greater universe.  Moreover, germane to a fuller sense of the connectedness of our universe to others, we read in Key 204:21 that “…we, as one living sub-system of intelligence pulsate within larger evolutions of star intelligence.  Our local universe is a sub-system to larger membrane force fields of star universes” and, expanding outward again in a super-inflationary manner, that “These and other astrophysical sites are points of contact with the greater universes, which show our part of the chiliocosm— our part of the collective interplay of a thousand-plus universes intersecting with categories of both physical and non-physical intelligence” (Key 215: 2).

The cosmology of The Keys by does not negate the rational thinking process of science; rather, by using the more nuanced word “chiliocosm” instead of the “multiverse”, one is invited to contemplate a time when rational thought, not being divorced from the higher realities from whence it originated, will use hard data toward the comprehension that we are not simply orphans on the edge of space, but are part of a vast extended, interconnected family in the heavens.