Exploring the Principles of Linguistic Wave Genetics

Peter Gariaev, Ph.D., J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D., and D.E. Hurtak, Ph.D.

Copyright © 2019 J.J. Hurtak, Desiree Hurtak and Peter Gariaev

The study of Linguistic-Wave Genetics (LWG) originated with the work of Gariaev (1997) and his team (2009), and coincides with Drs. Hurtaks’ understanding of how our human body functions like a sophisticated bio-computer. Here, we are suggesting that there is a semantic and communication process behind our DNA that links linguistics and biology with quantum physics.  Our approach is based on an expanded understanding of the model triplet code as a linguistic structure, as well as on the introduction of genetics and molecular biological concepts connected with bio-holography and quantum physics.

According to the Watson-Crick genetic model (1953), the sequence of genes in our DNA creates specific amino acids. The amino acids, then, construct the arrangement of proteins and cells in our body. Through a code of 64 combinations of nucleobases (AUCG), they are arranged as triplet codons, the code that creates the 20 amino acids in our biological system. Gariaev, however, explores this circumstance through what he calls “codon homonyms,” positing that the specification of amino acids created is based not only on the triple codon letters (e.g., AUC), but on a higher wave frequency, which is connected not only with electromagnetic frequencies, but also with consciousness and thought.

Dr. Bruce Lipton (2005) also points to the effect consciousness has on our cells through our inherited epigenetic structure, which, too, is associated with DNA. Epigenetics is known to be affected by diet, but also consciousness thought, especially stress and fear.  Epigenetics can be defined, in part, as controlling the function of turning gene sequences “on” and “off” which is a key coding mechanism of DNA, mainly operating by a methyl (CH3) group functioning around the DNA. Lipton has shown that our cells act like organic computer chips continually influenced by their environment.

In 1973, Dr. J.J. Hurtak (1973) also asserted that our genetic process is influenced by our thoughts and the thoughts that surround us as a “bio-consciousness” field. Thus, emerges a new understanding of our genetics, which can be influenced and, perhaps, implemented through energy and consciousness some of which may be inserted even before we come into this physical reality. Regardless of when, we are implying that “Consciousness” relates directly to the biochemical, genetic processes which can be influenced by human thought.

Gariaev’s (Gariaev, et. al., 2017) research has also involved stem cells, as he has differentiated these early cells through his understanding of wave genetics.  Ultimately, advancing understanding could lead to the growth of new organs. In his laboratory, he has already applied LWG to certain viruses, where, once their wave genetics has been determined, it can lead to the virus’s demise. Gariaev (2019) also has used a laser with a special polarized field to transmit information about whole chromosomes beyond simple strands of DNA, to establish a field of energy that mimics various organs.

Specifically, Gariaev sees DNA as LWG (linguistic wave genetics), where all the information about a person and any bio-system, including the genetic coding, is included in the so-called “Bohm universal hologram” associated with waves. Here chromosomes are created as part of a holographic continuum, just as a barcode that can be read by a laser is created for an object. This could also be used for the reading and input of additional wave codes into the human body and other biosystems.

However, a similar demonstration of this was accomplished through the work of Nobel Prize winner, Luc Montagnier, who discovered that DNA can be coded into radio waves and electromagnetic frequencies and transferred through the medium of water. Here, he was able to show how the DNA worked like data files that could be transferred into the water through electromagnetic frequencies around 7-8Hz (Montagnier et. al., 2011).

Specifically, Luc Montagnier, who at one time worked at the famous Pasteur Institute in France and helped to uncover the AIDS virus, claimed to have demonstrated the ability of DNA to communicate and transfer itself, not in a physical form, but as an encoded structure, via low-frequency radio waves. That is, the information of the sequence code of the DNA was encoded into the water, again, not as DNA per se, but the DNA blueprint or code was stored in the water.

Specifically, Montagnier demonstrated many times that by placing a test tube of DNA next to a test tube of plain water in an electromagnetic field of about 7 Hz overnight (Montagnier et. al., 2009), the plain water, after being exposed to the EM field, acquired/stored the information of the DNA in its memory.

Montagnier did not stop there, but using a process called Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), he recreated the DNA from the “water” structure. PCR is based on using the ability of DNA polymerase to synthesize a new strand of DNA.  Montagnier’s experiments began in 2008 and were published in 2011 (Montagnier, 2011) under the title “DNA waves and water”.  It caused a loud echo in the scientific world, because it contains experimental evidence of distant (long) wave transmission structures of DNA directly into water.

For Montagnier, the first element required for the codes of DNA to be housed is water, but it is the frequency of 7-8 Hz that codes the information into water via the electromagnetic wave (Montagnier et. al., 2009). However, Gariaev’s research was ahead of Montagnier by at least 10 years.  Basically, Montagnier’s research lends support to the function of “Linguistic-wave genetics (LWG)” where the genes are also an energy code structure that can be encoded and recoded as wave genetics. Gariaev also has a patent for the “phantom Effect” recorded by the DNA, which may illustrate the principle of the transfer of DNA “phantom” information when water is included (see Russian Patent, 2009, m 2355009 “Method and apparatus of obtaining wave replicative DNA mapping”. Request number 2007102044. Priority of invention 22

January 2007, 10 October 2011).

How does linguistics relate to this coding?  Dr. J.J. Hurtak wrote about this in 1973 in The Keys of Enoch® (Key 202, Hurtak, 1973), where he indicated that DNA has both light-wave and mathematics behind the DNA-RNA structure, yet there is also a linguistic code. In fact, Hurtak equates the 4 nucleobases to the 4 ancient letters recorded as Y-H-W-H, with 3 letters in 4 places, for the establishing of a similar triple code (Hurtak, 1973, Hurtak and Hurtak, 2012). Hurtak (1973) writes: “… information is also stored in the DNA molecule in the form of “words” composed of three-base combinations of the Divine Name.”

The nucleobases are the words behind the code and all type of coding information can be inserted. This introduces Dr. J.J.  Hurtak’s proposed schematic (Hurtak, 1973) of a given pattern of superluminal light-wave signals and the semantic syntax of vibratory language, which affects the life hich rises from a set of mathematical and genetic combinations of RNA.  The RNA proto-language processes the DNA which, in turn, gives rise to a sequence of molecular and transducer patterns engraved on every part of the growth of the human anatomy from bio-photonic signs.

This means that the basic life-giving codes, including the nucleotide components (i.e., DNA/RNA) and their subtle arrangements in our body, are articulated according to a pre-designed Divine Language pattern. The Keys of Enoch® (Key 202) reveals that the DNA/RNA was originally from resonant instructions coded through wave carriers. In its design, the biological DNA/RNA lettering (ATGC, AUGC) is encoded as a vibratory language that flows from a pre-existent language prototype. This is difficult for origin of life researchers to accept, but they must start by building their house from the roof down and see that our structure, in this three-dimensional system, is but a replica, or hyperphysical organization, based on a higher code structure already in place that works through triplet relationships (3, 4 basic components) (Hurtak, 2017).

Here, we comprehend a fantastic vision of mystical practices, the vision of future linguistic and genetic technology to create a person based upon a specific combination of letters, just as today we create via cloning. This is similar to what Zabolotnaya (1999) is describing as the strategic vectors of genetic information, employing the concept of fractal letter-text and contextual step-by-step or orderly DNA-RNA patterning and transcription (Gariaev, 1997; Gariaev, et. al. 2009).

Therefore, we will assume that the arrangement of letters relates to the letters of the genome — the DNA-RNA and their interpretation into the amino acid letters folding into protein texts.  Zabolotnaya (1999) tells us, based on an alphabet of creation:

“The cosmo-genetic process can be compared to the spatial and temporal unfolding of the center-point of establishing fixed information on all the possible information patterns, letters, chain structured set of letters (alphabet), helical arrangement, similar to 2-mRNA helices, and without breaking, for ‘their end is embedded in their beginning, and their beginning in the end’.

Note the words “their end is embedded in their beginning, and their beginning in the end”. This explains something more than happenstance creation. It may be that our genetics is of a nature that came from beyond this planet. How could DNA come to the planet?  Many are talking about panspermia from comets and already adenine (A) and guanine (G), 2 of the 4 nucleobases have been found in space (Callahan, et.al., 2011).

The complexity and the very existence of the DNA data was also acknowledged by research scientists, Vladimir I. shCerbak and Maxim A. Makukov, in their paper entitled, “The ‘Wow! Signal’ of the terrestrial genetic code” (2013). They examined the complexity of DNA from mainly a mathematical perspective. They discovered a unique mathematical sequence containing numbers such as zero, and complex sequences creating numbers like 111 and 999. For them, the DNA is a perfect non-random computer code with enough redundancy to ensure its function.

If we begin to comprehend the magnitude and use of the DNA structure in practical terms, we understand how Professors V. shCherbak and Maxim Makukov (2013), came to the unusual conclusion that it is almost impossible for DNA to have created itself through “natural selection” or by chance. Their observation of the DNA molecular arrangement as a whole, led them to hypothesize that an intelligent signal is embedded in our genetic code and would be a mathematical and semantic message. It is their assertion, that DNA as we know it cannot be accounted for exclusively by Darwinian evolution. This premise stems from their understanding of the lack of randomness in our DNA, and they claim that the redundancy in DNA coding ensures its continuation. In their opinion, DNA is a near-perfect code that could not have designed itself.

DNA/RNA stores vast amounts of data. It has been determined that some DNA is capable of holding as much as 1 billion terabytes of data calculated at about 8 bytes coded in 4 DNA base pairs or 1exabyte per mm3 (109 GigB/mm3). There are over 3 billion base pairs in our DNA set of chromosomes, so if that is multiplied by the 4 nucleobases, one has over 12 billion possibilities and there may be as many as 1022 “potential” information codes that are present waiting to be released when angular momentum can be incorporated as a factor for storage. This is the beauty of computing as a function of the Human Bio-computer that The Keys of Enoch® speak of as the internal blueprint of life (Hurtak, 2017).

Moreover, looking at a 2-D hexagon when rotated by 60 degrees about a point at its center, it is indistinguishable from one rotated by 120,180, 240, 300 and 360 degrees, but if we see it in 3-D instead of 2-D, an additional coordinate point shows the hexagon can be shifted and tilted on a 3-D angle for additional codings of information (Hurtak, 2017). Whether we examine Linguistic-Wave Genetics (LWG) function or the schematic from Dr. J.J. Hurtak’s work, they reveal that “thinking and words” are the energies that form our chromosome continuum, by means of holographic 4-dimensional shaped images, like a text-hologram.  “Povorot Vonyat” (metaphorical reversal) is a Russian metaphor for the perception of the hologram from different angles or the encrypted idea of phase conjugation, known in optics.

It wasn’t until 2002 that researchers at the famous Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel (Regev, Shapiro, 2002) actually created a programmable molecular computing machine composed of enzymes and DNA molecules instead of silicon microchips. This was originally published in Nature magazine and since then, many more researchers have continued this study (Woods, et.al., 2019).

Searching for a number in a large phone book takes several million searches, while a light-based device could pinpoint the number in just one. In 2017, scientists uploaded a galloping horse in the form of a GIF into bacteria using the popular machine called CRISPR (Shipman, et. al., 2017). Additionally, researchers have played with DNA to encode and store all 587,287 words of Tolstoy’s famous book, War and Peace. Caltech researchers have also created a circuit from 130 unique DNA strands which is able to calculate the square root of numerous numbers. To date, it would appear that DNA is something we are “playing” with, whether it is through cloning or computers.

In a similar manner, Linguistic-Wave Genetics (LWG) can lead to a new branch of biology and medicine based upon an understanding of the genetic apparatus as a Quantum Biocomputer (QB), with the characteristic elements of consciousness and thought.  The main principles of the QB have within the regulatory functions, holographic, linguistic and quantum non-locality arrangements. The pilot model of the artificial world created by QB is based on laser technologies, which are the same for LWG.

The Quantum Biocomputer (QB) is capable of the following functions:

  1. a) reading the wave of genetic information from chromosomes and cell tissues;
  2. b) scanning for converting (recording information) with laser photons, “modulated wideband electromagnetic radiation (MWER)” and maintaining the received primary photon of genetic information;
  3. c) wave broadcast of genetic information at macro distances;
  4. d) the introduction of genetic information in MWER, where the body of the recipient exists within its intracellular water; and
  5. e) programmable management and correction metabolism working with the complete physiology of the recipient, such as a patient (e.g., an old man) (Gariaev, 2013).

However, Gariaev (1997, 2003) has taken this one step further. He has worked on transferring the LWG of the DNA into audio (mp3) or video files. These data files begin with the use of a special laser that can generate photons that change polarization (spin state) when probing objects such as living cells and tissues or bioactive compounds.  Gariaev is able to convert the DNA code through radio wave frequencies, overwriting photon information, and digitizing and translating it into, for example, an mp3 audio format. These codes are, in turn, encoded as a music or audio book in a type of mp3 or video file. A person can acquire their unique data file and use it as a beneficial broadband EM (bEM) torsion-spin Information (TSI).  Additionally, there are “rolling elements” – which is another metaphor for the polarization (spin) potency of DNA chromosomes, where their coherent light has a polarized “collective spin” of genetic information. The “collective spin” state of the photon radiation of chromosomal DNA is a major source of providing image (holographic) information to the gene-text and the eye-brain (Gariaev, 2013).

Another method involves the same range of radio wave frequencies, simultaneously translating the encoded information into a formatted text that is also digitized, letting a huge digital array interface with computer programs to retrieve the “point of reference” information that is recorded in video files. This format furnishes orienting information in a series of dynamic and harmonious audio-video images.

So, Gariaev and associates have the first phase of recording biological information, but are still navigating the library. A person listening to the “library” perceives it as noise, because such a reading can be compared to the simultaneous reading of thousands of volumes of books. In the midst of this volume of information, there is still the possibility that our brain, which in this sense is self-sufficient, is able to navigate through this massive content. This crucial information, however, is not a cacophony, but is based on laws of beauty and harmony. These laws are primary and are the principles of our universe that build living organisms, including humans. A specified audio-video series can thus work as an additional corrector for health, especially when using different bioactive substances (Gariaev, 1997, 2013).

Melodies and video files provide a number of harmonic images. In various ways, our “computer” programs can encode anything and everything into video or audio files, which can contain musical instruments and even a choral performance. It is logical that our musical information can encode much more that can be effective in treating health problems by using a polyphonic version (multiple “voices” sounding simultaneously) (Gariaev, 2013).

A question often arises: Does any distortion occur when encoding the signal information into the mp3 format? One of our most important discoveries in the properties of spectra Gariaev obtained, is that they are fractal in nature, that is, self-similarity and multiscale self-identity exist. This follows from the fact that the initial act of recording photon information from samples is via colliding laser beams, with the laser beam reflected back into the laser cavity and coming out again onto the sample. Gariaev has used lasers also to receive and transmit the information to and from the body and into data files. In fact, the photon interferogram (hologram) probes the samples (blood, placenta, metabolites, photographs, etc.), converting them into radio frequencies from a laser at about 600 kHz (Gariaev, 2019) and, ultimately, into mp3-acoustic data.  Analysis by Prof. F.A. Popp and associates (2002) at Marburg University has shown that the emissions are micromatter forms of biophotons concerned with DNA, which he says are the most probable source within each human cell.

For many, a natural question is: Would the information that we are looking for with medical and aging information also be present? Evidence of this can be seen in tests reported by Gariaev with patient successes where even “incurable” diseases such as cystic fibrosis are improved (Gariaev, 2013).

Another question that arises is: How can the encoding and projecting of DNA data be explained? Gariaev and Drs. Hurtak believe it is possible because the human being is derived from the universe, especially from a holographic-type of, or light-energy-based, reality that may also be multidimensional. This idea was put forward by the world-renowned physicist, David Bohm (1980).  Further development and a greater understanding of this in relation to humans was also written about by the well-known physicist, Simon Berkovich (2001). Close to this are also the ideas and teachings of the Russian, V. Vernadsky and his Noosphere. Basically, we are saying that we are cosmo-planetary anthropo-ecological beings (Hurtak, 2017).

The authors believe that the next phase of medicine will be “wave medicine” or as Gariaev calls it, “Linguistic-wave genetics (LWG)”. Theoretically, all one needs to do is create the right wave frequencies to cause healing or to correct the DNA, so this can be used not only for medical cures, but also for organ regeneration. NovoCure, a reputable international company is already using frequencies and wave structures for healing the body (Begley, 2017).

What was once the greatest mystery of biology, the human body, is gradually yielding up its secrets. Humanity is more than flesh; we are a continuous transducer or “biotransducer” of energies which can transform our thoughts into both positive and negative events in life.  We can grasp some aspects of how our mind works beyond the normal localized gathering, storage and retrieval of information when there are epiphany experiences or the unfoldment of knowledge beyond our normal senses (Hurtak, Hurtak, 2009). What is implied is that, through a greater consciousness network, we can gain access and influence not only our lives, but also our bodies.  As consciousness exists prior to the physical reality, it can manifest through the wave genetics so our thoughts and beliefs can influence our internal epigenetic nature and, hence, our DNA. When we begin to become aware of the process, we discover that our intentions can make a difference.

Moreover, understanding our interconnectedness releases us from our limitations and makes us part of the greater totality. This is confirmed by the notion that molecules in the human organism are coupled to each other by a coherent radiation field in such a way that they form a unity in which biophotons must be considered by the organism as a dynamic force that our consciousness can affect.

            In this sense, we have, in fact, a holographic “Spintronics Consciousness” correlated with metaphorics. Thus, we live in a supra-consciousness realm where facts and objects are universally connected. The ‘new physics’ itself is starting to open to a greater consciousness field. Therefore, we do not need to ponder the classical “origins” of atoms so much as the resonance of the quantum “coherence” of fields for each cell in our body that contains a nucleus of DNA/RNA. In a sense, our cells are part of a “biomorphogenetics”, whereby we acquire an understanding of our cosmic origins based on a linguistic consciousness reality (Hurtak, Hurtak, 2016).

Our body may work more like a type of hologram, connected to a universal network of consciousness which shapes intellects and interacts with the world of ideas. The part containing the whole, thus, becomes a dominant pattern in nature.  It is important to understand that any hologram is fractal in its nature (the reverse is not always true). A fundamental characteristic of holograms-fractals is their information redundancy and, therefore, noise immunity. Holograms, it is well known, can be scratched or broken into pieces without any distortion of what is coded in them.  However, should the adept try to interpret the vast knowledge contained in the genetic hologram, which is in principle part of Bohm’s universal hologram (1980), it would be like trying to acquire “absolute knowledge” in its fullness connected with the Totality of God.

Clearly, the human organism is part of an “open-ended universe” (Hurtak, 1973) that is still being composed today, but at the same time, can be altered. On the level of emergent humanity, Drs. Hurtak assert that the ultimate source of our physical existence rests within an astrophysical photonic-biophotonic ‘light body’ process through which the human evolution is seen as a membrane process within a higher consciousness evolutionary process.  This, in turn, implies not only that our biological blueprint is guided by a wave RNA/DNA language process, but also that “humanity” has been created with the potential to work within many multidimensional co-evolutionary realms, simultaneously.

For over 150 years, scientists and engineers have looked at the relativistic meaning of life without a deeper understanding of the matter and energy that exist within us. Now, as both the local and the nonlocal aspects of human existence are also being understood, a larger picture of the “Image” of Life is emerging. As a reclaimed mystery of birth, a new understanding is being introduced that ciphers a cosmology of Consciousness behind all unified energies of Creation, originating from the Oneness (Hurtak, 2017).

Specifically, perhaps what is behind the manifestation of our own RNA/DNA structures is an energy or light helical code structure that exists in “invisible” realms from which the human DNA-RNA is precisely patterned. The actual number of cells carrying human DNA in the body is unknown, but it is said to be over 100 trillion cells. Ultimately, there occurs a coordination of all cells and their genomes by their quantum non-locality, i.e., teleporting the wave of genetic-metabolic information between hundreds of billions of cells that form the body. We need to see that we exist with quasi-verbal structures of protein texts translated from the principal linguistic wave genetics (LWG) language of the primary DNA-RNA texts (Gariaev, 2013). In fact, the “non-coding” or so-called “junk” DNA, is not actively transcribing because we are only using a small percentage of our true selves, but the codes are there for past and future functions, which were never to be limited to only this present, physical reality.

Sadly, the naivety of looking only at this physical reality has brought us to serious consequences in the use of so-called “transgenic engineering (or GMOs).” With the development of a biotechnology for introducing foreign genes (transgenes) into chromosomal DNA, it is now possible to produce, very quickly, genetically modified (GM) food supplies. In 2018, scientists in China cloned two baby monkeys, opening the door for the cloning of humans. Their initial attempts failed but the breakthrough came in reprogramming the donor nuclei through epigenetics, meaning they did not alter the DNA sequence, only the way that individual genes were expressed in order to reactivate the genes required for embryonic activation.

The deeper linguistic significance, clearly, is given in a pre-biological code signal that arranged the biological sequence of letters, especially with their function in both “natural” and artificially constructed sequences. From the DNA helix to the wave form, from water memory to light form – this understanding of the DNA-wave exists in what can be called biophotons or wave genetics. Ultimately, what we are saying is that without the light-wave energy, the body would dissolve.

In effect, we have already reached the threshold of the Noosphere that opens itself into an Infinite Pathway. The helix, in both DNA-RNA, is the code within the codes, which allows for the advanced wave potentials to initiate the creation of biogenesis within genesis. This coding ability is beyond the mechanistic molecular level of DNA, because it is associated with the combination of consciousness and the environment that emphasizes that we are not only part of what Gariaev calls Linguistic Wave Genetics (LWG), but a vibratory organism, capable of using thoughts and word structures to establish higher levels of self-organization.  This is laying a foundation for a consciousness syntax that can help us understand our next level of evolution.


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