Extraterrestrial Realities and UFO Reports

Over the course of the next twelve months, the UFO subject will come under intense media and public interest in various parts of the world. 2005 saw the release of documents by the Brazilian government covering major events of massive UFO activity over military bases and populated cities. In Mexico, 2004 the government allowed the release of superb radar documentation over Campeche, Mexico, which led to official disclosures by the Mexican government in 2004, and now, the anticipated release of official documents by the French government (SEPRA-CNES) in 2007. This may trigger the release of more documentation by other governmental authorities in the world.

Despite strenuous and costly efforts by governments to publicly debunk good case studies, all subsequent opinion polls patently demonstrate they have miserably failed to reverse a growing tide of belief that some UFOs are real, and not misidentification hoaxes or the product of imaginative minds.

This year is seeing the emergence of several former military and intelligence figures (Nick Pope, from the U.K. Defense Ministry, for example) who have something major to say on a subject that influences all civilization. Credible backgrounds don’t in themselves make for credible accounts unless they fit into the larger picture of substantial testimony.