Electromagnetism and Field Changes in the Universe

Dr Roger J. Palmer DVM

In the early universe, swirling volumes of charged particles aligned to form highways /networks of magnetism throughout space. At the nodal points of intersections, stars began to ignite – thus lighting up the universe. Electromagnetism and gravity have shaped our universe, for without electromagnetic fields, stars would not exist, matter would not exist. In spiral proto-galaxies, for example, which are composed mostly of dust clouds and particles, gravity acts to pull the dust clouds to the centre of the disc and the angular momentum of circulating clouds counteracts this effect and keeps the particles from falling in. The generation of magnetism from the turbulent particle clouds slows down the disc, gravity starts to win and star formation happens due to the high pressure and heating of matter. Magnetic domains throughout the early disc-shaped galaxy act together in the formation of the galactic arms.

In recent years, astronomers have worked on mapping our galaxy’s magnetic field using a large European radio telescope array (LOFAR – low frequency array) and the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) in Australia as precursors to the low frequency component of the SKA (Square Kilometre Array). The SKA is a new international radio-telescope project co-located in Australia and South Africa designed to greatly enhance our astronomic capability.

Likewise, our understanding of the inner earth’s structure is still evolving. The earth is known to have four layers (solid inner core, liquid iron outer core, mantel and crust), but recently (February 2023), through seismic studies, additional information about a 5th layer called ‘the innermost inner core’ was announced. The composition of the inner and outer core is predominantly iron, nickel and some other elements and it is about the size of Mars, however, there are still too many unknowns about the nature, size and properties of our “inner Earth.”[1]

It is believed that from its turbulent molten outer core the earth generates its planetary-scale magnetic field, which protects us from many of the effects of solar winds and charged particles.  However, when the sun creates solar flares, the outer core and the mantle are heated, which certainly creates disturbances in our magnetic field as we are observing today and which may be the cause of more extensive volcanism and earthquakes from the added fields reaching the outer core. More importantly, the changes in the core may also affect the magnetic field associated with the magnetosphere (the magnetic field around our planet).

Hopefully for us, scientists are correct when they say the magnetic field is generated by our outer core because in a study published in Nature Geoscience on 24th January 2023 by scientists in Beijing, Earth science: Earth’s inner core rotation may be slowing down, the slowing down and speeding up of the earth’s inner solid core has been thought to oscillate about every 70 years. So, due to the fact that the earth’s geomagnetic field is most probably generated by the liquid iron outer core, the oscillation of the earth’s solid inner core may not have a devastating effect on the electromagnetic field, although this is yet to be clearly defined and confirmed.

However, what has been made clear is that magnetic changes are behind polar reversals. The complex geodynamic conditions at the mantle-outer core boundary cause the magnetic field to fluctuate in space and time. This has an effect on the magnetic field surrounding the planet and the tilt and drift of the magnetic poles, which are moving over time. As the liquid iron outer core of the earth moves, the locations of the magnetic North and South poles can shift. Geomagnetic polar reversals (the north and south poles reverse) happen from time to time. Researchers who studied the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland which formed 55 million years ago from slow-cooling volcanic larva flows, said that the various layers of magnetite reveal the different layers of magnetic fields the basalt took on – each layer according to the earth’s dipole alignment present at the time – over the millennia. According to NASA, “Paleomagnetic records tell us Earth’s magnetic poles have reversed 183 times in the last 83 million years, and at least several hundred times in the past 160 million years. The time intervals between reversals have fluctuated widely, but average about 300,000 years, with the last one taking place about 780,000 years ago.”[2]

Currently, a unique geomagnetic dip is also growing called the South Atlantic Anomaly. Dr Pieter Kotze, previously of the National Research Foundation, Hermanus Magnetic Observatory, South Africa, presented a lecture in 2010 to the Academy For Future Science in Johannesburg, in which he said the South Atlantic Anomaly is an area in the earth’s magnetic field that measures about 20-30% weaker than other areas with the same latitude and altitude. In conjunction with the changing conditions deep within the Earth, some posit that a huge reservoir of very dense rock, deep underground, called the African Large Low Shear Velocity Province, may disrupt the flow of the magnetic field generated by the outer core, and be partially responsible for weakening the overall magnetic field in this particular area. However, there is still not enough data to conclusively ascertain what created this long-standing anomaly and why it is growing and changing.

Specifically, the SAA is apparently beginning to split into two parts, with each part focussed around a particularly weak central point. One part is edging towards southern Africa and the other is moving roughly 20km per year in a westerly direction towards South America. This feature of electromagnetic weakening has been known for the last 400 years and is an area where space weather radiation can penetrate into the atmosphere. This means that charged particles come closer to the Earth in this region, seriously impacting low orbit traffic, including satellites and the International Space Station, although there seems to be little noticeable impact on the actual surface. Aircraft for example, frequently turn off their sensitive equipment when passing through this area and are aware that their crew and passengers are exposed to greater levels of radiation. NASA, utilising Blue Waters, a powerful supercomputer at the University of Illinois, continues to monitor the SAA, seeking to deepen our understanding of geo-magnetism and how to manage off-planet travel and communication.

It is thought that this anomaly could culminate in a polar reversal where the North and South Pole switch places but it is unlikely that a polar reversal would cause large scale devastation of civilization. However, hundreds of Coronal Mass Ejections (CME’s) from the sun hit the earth during periods of solar maximum which we are entering today, with the solar maximum expected to peak around 2025. During that time the sun puts out the most charged particles affecting our own planetary electromagnetic fields. The interaction of magnetic field domains from solar coronal mass ejections with the earth’s electromagnetic field domain causes ‘magnetic reconnection’ in the earth’s magnetotail. Auroras in the earth’s atmosphere form when particle accelerations interact with nitrogen and oxygen atoms in the air. Auroras have also been seen on Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and in sudden disconnections of comet tails.

Like the Carrington Event (1859), should there be a super-strong CME, even without the earth’s magnetic field being weakened or undergoing a polar reversal, scientists propose possible large-scale disruption to civilization. As modern civilization relies heavily on GPS, with satellites for communications, controlling shipping lanes, air traffic, power grids and above all financial stock markets, such an event could bring it to its knees.

Some are calling the SAA a “pot hole in space” and even though it is a “low orbit” occurrence there also appear to be electromagnetic null zones in space beyond our earth and solar system. Outside of our solar system, reconnection or magnetic null zones are thought to occur at the accretion disks surrounding black holes and might result in significant areas in space where there would be no magnetic fields. Magnetic turbulent plasmas can be found throughout the galaxy even in the extended cosmos where these dynamics produce ‘magnetic reconnections.’ ‘Magnetic reconnection’ is the fundamental physical process that allows stressed magnetic fields to relax through a reordering of the field connectivity. This reordering liberates the stored magnetic energy in such fields expelling it as heat, particle acceleration and bulk fluid motion.[3]

Scientists agree that there are black holes at the centre of most spiral galaxies and that there are even black holes and mini black holes distributed throughout the galaxy. The empty spaces between the spiral arms of spiral galaxies could encompass areas where electromagnetic null zones (where no electromagnetic fields exist) are found in association with black holes, mini black holes or maybe fields of magnetic vacuums on their own.[4]

According to The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®, Key 118: 7:

“There is presently occurring a space-time overlap with ‘the Higher Evolution’ as the Earth’s solar system enters an electromagnetic null zone, a vacuum area in space which will change the magnetic forces of creation.”

How would our solar system encounter an electromagnetic null zone? The sun in our solar system is about 26000 light years from the galactic centre and moves around this centre at 230km/s. The earth orbits the sun along with the other planets. The plane of our solar system is 60 degrees relative to the plane of the galactic disc, and appears to move up-and-down with respect to the galactic plane. As the solar system moves around within the dynamics of electromagnetic fields, gravitational fields, stellar plasma and dust, there is a possibility of passing through a region in space devoid of magnetic energy.[5]

Dr JJ Hurtak author of The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch® has said that ancient cultures thought of the galaxies containing serpent-like coils as being capable of devouring or destroying various galactic creations. We see illustrated in Mesoamerican and Western history the ability to call upon the angelic commands of higher avatars who would appear with wings of energy like an eagle sweeping down from the heavens. They would come into the galactic system to destroy the serpent power before it could devour the sun and its planetary system that was encountering a vacuum or a disturbed spatial anomaly in a sub-region. Thus, these evolutionary intelligences from outside our immediate solar system can help us to destroy the serpent.

In this scenario, humanity will also be assisted by attentive Higher consciousness forces who will communicate appropriate knowledge to prepare humanity for the geophysical and electromagnetic changes that are to take place. That is because there are administrating avatars and Elohim, according to The Keys of Enoch®, who continually oversee creation through all ages and allow for soul advancement within the various energy thresholds of physical creation. From time-to-time, at appropriate times, they impart the correct wisdom that enables spiritual humanity to better master the weights and measures of this world and to participate in the procession of the infinite into myriads of new heavens, new earths and new possibilities.

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