Corona 2020 Higher Message

We need to Seek a Higher Faith rather than a World-Wide Fear

Much of the world media is pushing humanity into a psychology of fear rather than an understanding how we are to use our greater powers of higher consciousness to overcome negative realities. This is what a Living Faith is all about! The bottom line: Be practical and cautious, but most importantly, be daily renewed through the indwelling power of your Higher Self. In daily practice, we are to be both cautious and co-creative in the way we can share the daily bread, without caving in to a life style of fear that would diminish the opportunity to fully use our gifts of positive psychology and sociology, even in the face of danger!




Those of you who have traveled to India, Africa or even parts of South America, know that 1/4 of the population in those areas live with some type of illness and are on the front lines of near-starvation, intensified by environmental changes and lack of non-renewable resources, including fresh water. Also be aware that this is only the first of the new challenges we will be facing in the coming years.

By understanding and using the limitless energies from a higher spectrum of Life, connected directly with the Shekinah Glory, the Language of Light and the Sacred Scriptures, we can be as Mother Teresa, who had no fear of going into the places of India that had leprosy, cholera and other deadly diseases.

Of course, we need to be vigilant, but instead of focusing on just the virus, see the “Corona discharge” – the paraphysical term for the ‘bio-photonic discharge of light’ energy that naturally comes off your body (according to Dr. Marcel Vogel and Dr. Richard Gerber, who had both studied The Keys of Enoch®). We are really light beings and when you let the Divine Energy flow into your body and mind, you are fused with the Holy Spirit in bringing forth a renewing power of the Divine. You are also protected. If you feel the need, call upon Michael, the Christ or any power of the Divine your directly wish to connect to — stay centered in the Light.

Let us make a commitment to be fused with ‘the Light’ that comes by the use of Prayer and the Divine Names of the Christ and the Holy Spirit (Heb.: Ruach Ha Kodesh). Indeed, let us bring comfort, hope, understanding and protection into our communities with the power of Prayer, to transform those who are living in fear and darkness. Let us say together:

Ruach Ha Kodesh Christou

At this moment let us be one with the Holy Spirit, who is totally aware of all that is unfolding within and around us. Only Higher Divine Guidance can truly help each of us with the problems we have, and will be, facing with planetary changes. This is the opportunity to awaken our inner Faith and Strength. Planetary changes include viruses and other plagues, as mentioned in the Bible, which will continue to be felt, but remember, the people of Faith lived through them all.

Now is the time to activate your Living Faith that provides you insights and, ultimately, provides you with Eternal Life and the joy of using the “Gifts” from on High, rather than a life of fear of the shadows of Death. Let us be the Light, the Love and share the Power of our Faith, understanding the Power of the Divine. Psalm 51 reminds us to ask for Divine help as it says: “… Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me….”

Be as Mother Teresa and do not deny the OUTPOURING of the Power and Gifts of the Holy Spirit in your life!

Be Blessed and be Strong in the power of God’s Word speaking within you,

Pax Vobiscum/Peace be with you,

Drs. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak