Commentary on the Release of GEPAN Documents

by Dr. J.J. Hurtak

Many acknowledged pioneering writers and investigators in the fields of space, exobiology, as well as specialists in the world ET phenomenon, state that this is not the first governmental event of its kind, but is, nevertheless, an important milestone from a major government. For some, GEIPAN in France is merely as a public relations operation for France’s space program, CNES (the equivalent of NASA); for others it is an official government investigative network that is willing to release once classified information. France, however, is only following Spain’s lead that began in the 1970s with the release of pictures on UFOs watching military flight operations over the Grand Canaries. Limited releases were also made by the Brazilian government (2004) revealing a flotilla of unknown space objects that passed over their airspace and industrial facilities in southern Brazil in 1986. In addition, Belgium, Russia and the United Kingdom have also made recent limited releases of declassified official documents. Yet, the French release promises to be extensive and ongoing.

One of their recent websites stated as follows in French:

The Opening of the information gate of the Geipan

(Geipan= Group of Study and Information for Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena)

This website will allow over a period of time information to be available to the public from all the data which have been collected for the last 30 years by GEIPAN on the subject of unidentified aerospace phenomena, while respecting the individual privacy of citizens. Already about 25 per cent of observed cases are available and may be consulted from what represents the majority of the observations of the last 20 years. The website will be regularly updated as we go along with the validation of the data, including photographic and video documents which are being digitized.

The GEIPAN thanks you for your patience and hopes this site will answer the expectations of the majority of people interested in UFO phenomena.

Slowly but surely, more pieces of the puzzle are forcing the experts to take a “second” and a “third” look at the seemingly unconnected data of a much larger evolutionary blueprint. On a worldwide level, I believe we are coming to grips with reflections of our own ‘Cosmo-Planetary Anthropo-ecology.’ It is my belief and that of colleagues in Silicon Valley (California), that other European governments may follow the UK, Belgium, Spain and France as we continue into the 21st century, increasing the possibilities that the scope of UFO data will build a sufficient database for a new “international” scientific analysis of exobiology.

It is also hoped that the North American scientific community in the USA will no longer remain unconvinced of the far reaching logic of a UFO reality as it was at the time that Project Bluebook was closed by the US Air Force in 1969 and labeled a “six million dollar coverup” according to the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek. Governments need to put forth a new and humanistic leadership in this important ‘new’ discipline as we go through global consciousness transformation in the next part of the 21st century. Indeed, as many experts know, some of the UFOS are IFOs (Identified Flying Objects) with their own agenda requiring the interplay of exo-sociology, exo-industrialization, exo-psychology and exo-theology, etc., and the expanded role of earthlings to meet the challenges of the world of tomorrow in the college of the greater universe! May our vision be ‘ad astra’ and ‘carpe diem’ to the work of the Great Designer.