Alien being videotaped by Sara Cuevas

Metepec: Fraud or Truth?

With the exception of Jaime Maussan, the investigators who looked into this case claimed Sara Cuevas was a fraud. She saw a UFO, ran for her camera, but only videotaped the alien (see insert). She never videotaped the UFO. However, she describes the UFO as being exactly like that of the children of Ruwa, Zimbabwe (Africa): as a larger glowing vehicle with many little vehicles (lights) around it. Note the date of her experience: September 16, 1994! She announced her sighting immediately to her neighbors and on the local TV. She would have no way of knowing about the sighting in Zimbabwe. Could she be telling the truth and saw the exact same craft as the children at the Ariel School during the same 24 hour period?