January 8, 2008 in Stephenville, TX Sightings

Something just occurred that is becoming more and more common: on January 8, 2008 in Stephenville, TX just south west of Dallas-Ft. Worth, an area known as ‘central Texas’, ‘dozens’ of the town’s people witnessed the flight overhead of a silently moving UFO.

According to Angela Brown, a reporter with the Associated Press the witnesses included ‘a pilot, a county constable and several business owners’ who all insisted they saw a large silent object with bright lights flying low and fast.

The County Constable Lee Roy Gaitan said what he first saw was red glowing lights and then white flashing lights moving fast, but even with binoculars he did not see the object to which the lights were attached.  He told the Associated Press: “I didn’t see a flying saucer and I don’t know what it was, but it wasn’t an airplane, and I’ve never seen anything like it . . . I think it must be some kind of military craft at least I hope it was.”  However, Maj. Karl Lewis, a spokesman for the 301st Fighter Wing at the Joint Reserve Base Naval Air Station in Fort Worth, although a skeptic, claimed that there were no F-16s or other aircraft from his base in the area the night of Jan. 8.  This was confirmed also at the two other local Air Force bases, Dyess in Abilene and Sheppard in Wichita Fall, who all said none of their aircraft were in the area at the time. Some witnesses claimed to have seen fighter jets chasing the object.  More importantly from our point of view, several witnesses said the object’s lights changed configurations which would tie in with what The Keys of Enoch® claim is a normal maneuver for entering and leaving our life space.

Local machinist Ricky Sorrells stated that this wasn’t new to him.  He had recently sighted a similar round, flat object without any seams or nuts and bolts. The skeptics claim that it was only two commercial airliners passing during the sunset that created the effect. The locals don’t necessary agree.  They are already on record for an earlier close encounter in 1997 where 7 people in a car witnessed a similar event for about 10 minutes.